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How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often considered the most straightforward kind of bankruptcy, one in which you come out the other side with the best chance for a fresh start; but despite what many people believe, it does not automatically mean you will lose your home, your car and your retirement savings.

Many people who file under Chapter 7 bankruptcy do not lose any property at all due to key exemptions.

We focus on providing hands-on legal representation for clients seeking debt relief under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We have seen firsthand how dramatically bankruptcy can help lift people from situations that seem insurmountable. Take back control of your finances and your life, and get the fresh start you deserve.


Jeanne Ann is an accomplished and respected bankruptcy attorney and knows how important it is to have a thorough accounting and understanding of your situation before taking action, and will take the time to review all aspects of how Chapter 7 bankruptcy can impact and improve your situation.

Among the many issues we consider are:

In bankruptcy, often the first step forward is the hardest to take. We know the challenges and stress you face, and we know that just deciding to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer can be difficult. But, what if someone told you there was a professional whose only job was to help you protect your house; help you get rid of debt; help you immediately end collections; help you make sure that your financial future got a chance to restart?


The majority of our clients are surprised to discover how dramatically bankruptcy can improve their lives and their chances to get back on the road to financial health. It costs you nothing to take advantage of our free consultation and discuss with a proven bankruptcy lawyer how Chapter 7 can help you.

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